Hey everyone– I have a BUNCH of updates for ya–
If some of you didn’t know, a couple months ago Jim answered a bunch of questions I had about GBC. See my questions and his answers under “About.”

Konstantin (http://www.thegoldencalf.net) has ever so generously given his server to host the GBC mp3s!!! Everyone make sure to thank him for rescuing us from the Tripod crap we’ve been going through for months- Thank you so much Konstantin.

We also got a new MP3!!! Thanks to Bret Copeland (bcope) The out of print “So Proud of You” mixed by Jim from the One Red Light compilation is avaiable!! So go git it!

And guess what. I got a hold of the MySpace concert from forsberg and We have a video site up for it! The original file thesweetness recorded on her camera was over 400mb, so I condensed it down to a 14 mb file– Still good quality and listenable– Konstantin has also  helped host the video as well!

Right now we’re working on getting the lives shows up, so check up in the near future on thegoldencalf.net’s MP3 page–

GBC now has a MySpace. It is http://www.myspace.com/gobigcasino
Thank you to Salsabettis for setting it up! We have 3 demos and the mix Jim made for the One Red Light compilation avaiable for play..

And that’s about it! Enjoy enjoy enjoy!!

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