Wow, it’s been so long… Sorry guys. Bunch of updates.
1. Got new lyrics up for No Christmas. Thanks to Michelle Rodriguez for those!
2. Accomplished a discography page. Check that out–
3. Put up a new link (now defunct) from Filter magazine that Estrelle from the Jimmy board found.
4. Put up a shows page since the updates on the Jimmy board are displaying new shows by Go Big Casino!!! Hopefully someone will be there to record the show and I can get those MP3s onto the site.

I also need to fix the MP3 links for the live shows– I feel so bad about those. But then my college network sucks so I can upload crap… Sorry guys. When I get back home for winter break I’ll get those up ASAP.

Enjoy guys… Remember, I’ve done all I can– it’s all up to you to expand the site!!! My e-mail is akatimo (at) gmail (dot) com

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