These are questions I constantly had running through my head after a friend sent me three mysterious MP3s one day in 2003. The following is information I have collected and tried to piece together over the years.

1.Who is Go Big Casino, and how are they connected to Jimmy Eat World?

Go Big Casino is side project started by Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World. Maybe you’ve heard of them. After their second major label release Clarity they stopped touring for a little break, and thus Go Big Casino began.

Jim is constantly writing, and assuming he still wanted to get his songs out of his head and into others, he gathered some friends to perform with. So far (based out of sources through articles and the message board) I found that the many band members varied, and contained:

Aaron Wendt (bass), Ron Marshall (??), Shane Kennedy (drums and percussion), Bob Lundberg (percussion), Ryan Kennedy (bells and percussion), Theron Wall (cello), Paige Stauffer (vocals) Jess Bufano (guitar), Tom Linton (organ) and Jim Adkins (lead vocals and guitar)

2. Do they have any albums?

No. They supposedly have an unreleased 10 song demo, where Jim does all the instruments and vocals. There are also live recordings floating around. They were also on a couple compilations, which can be seen in the discography section.

3. Why did the project end?

Jim’s main commitment is Jimmy Eat World. This was just a side project to at least get music flowing while they dropped from Captiol Records. I’m also certain any side or solo project Jim does from now on will be considered Go Big Casino.

4. Go Big Casino performed Hear You Me, My Sundown, and Hate the Bliss (now known as Drugs or Me)… But aren’t those Jimmy Eat World songs?

Well, Jim wrote them, and found be great assets to their albums. But yes, those three songs did originate through GBC.

5. Some of the songs are misprinted or labeled wrong.

Yes they are, but not exactly. There are so many different labeled files going around the internet and I wanted to keep the files in the same form how I found them titled. In the full concert recording from the December 17, 1999 show, So Proud of You is named Silk Trapeze (or Silk Trapeze is named So Proud of You… you get the picture). But from my conclusions So Proud of You/Silk Trapeze, Cover/Coliseum (which is a cover), Theory/Carry You are the same songs.

6. So Coliseum is a cover?

Yes it is. It was written by Jeff Hoffman from the band “Pine Wyatt.” It is a very different band and sound compared to GBC and Jim’s version of Coliseum. Pine Wyatt did have their album available to download, but as of May 2012 is now defunct. Their MySpace is still up and you can listen to the track here.


If you have any more questions or info, PLEASE let me know!!! This is all the information I have found so far, and it is up to YOU to help out and donate those pictures and video you might have. If there is anything else that can be added PLEASE contact me!

akatimo (at) gmail (dot) com

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