Jim Adkins Interview

1. When did the idea of Go Big Casino pop into your head?
got the idea to do go big casino because i was asked to do a solo show and thought it was arrogant to bill myself with my own name. i was asked to play a benefit show for phoenix’ modified arts space. they are one of the few, if not only all ages/no booze venues in the phoenix area. they treat bands fairly and aren’t afraid to book more eclectic and challanging acts.

2. How did you come up with the name?

the name came from a richard ford story. two characters were talking about another calling him, big casino. at the time i thought it was slang for a thousand-dollar-millionare-type of person.

3. Who were all the members, what they played, their time span?

go big casino is basically anything i say it is whenever i get a chance to do it. the people that play with me always change. one show i had nine people. one show i had me and one other person. there has only been a handful of shows. people that have played and what they are doing now are: jeff buffano (reubens accomplice)- guitar. chris corak (reubens accomplice)- guitar/vocals. ryan kennedy (see ironlemon.com for what ryan does/did)- bells/precussion/bass. shayne kennedy (reluctant messiah) drums. aaron wendt (tickertapeparade)- bass. ron marschall (and guppies eat their young)- guitar/drums. theron wall (no idea what he is doing)- cello. paige stauffer (cold kicking it)- vocals. tom linton (unholy grail)- organ. bob lundberg (rum tenor)- precussion.

4. Do you still have all the dates and setlists from GBC shows?

all dates and set lists have been forgoten. we did the modified benefit, two headlining solo shows, opened for juliana hatfield and then one surprise show at new nitas (rip).

5. Anything you do solo, do you just consider yourself Go Big Casino?

yes, except for the myspace show i did, i will call what i do on my own go big casino.

6. What were all the releases?

there is a song called ‘so proud of you’ on an arizona compilation called: not one light red. also there was a song called ‘richmond again’ on a german-only double 7″ compilation called ‘for friends’.

7. Nita’s Set Demos… What are they? Where were they recorded, what are all the ten tracks (well, presumed 10 tracks)– Is there a way to get them all?

the ‘nitas set demos’ that everyone seems to have are the demos i gave to band members to learn the songs before we played our second and third show. some of that material has been cannibalized into other songs. i will probably re-record any of those songs if i choose to release them.

8. When you say re-record and release the songs, do you mean through Jimmy Eat World (like Hear You Me, Drugs or Me, etc…) or by a solo project- (I interpreted through JEW, but I was just double checking)

i don’t know how i would release any of those songs yet.

9. When and/or how did you encounter Pine Wyatt, and why Coliseum?

pine wyatt was a band that was around when we were first starting to play shows. ryan kennedy was in that band. basically it was the same people as aquanaut drinks coffee but with a different guitarist/vocalist. coliseum was a favorite of mine. there is a line from that song that is genius: ‘ you can say there’s nothing in the desert. i would simply reply: there’s nothing anywhere’. says a lot about living in arizona and ambition.

10. What’s the name of the Ford story you got the name from? I’m interested in reading it now, and maybe I could somehow get it onto the site…

not sure which ford story. one from rock springs probably. or maybe women with men.

11. I actually just received the version of So Proud of You from the red light compilation-That was exciting-In the demos, did you play all the instruments? Or did the Kennedy’s and others pitch in- How did you record them?

i play everything on all demos.

12. And lastly… Is there any video or pictures, or even tracks, you could donate to the site, just to finally see the group in action somehow- I understand if you don’t want to give out that information, but I guess asking can’t hurt (or begging? haha)

i don’t have any media to donate. i don’t know if any exists.

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